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My Journey...

David has been surfing for 39 years and shaping for 27. He's surfed and competed all over the world, winning contest at Jeffries Bay in South Africa, Burleigh Heads in Australia as well as events in Mexico and the East and West Coast of America.

Being a world-class surfer, competition and traveling is how he's become conceptually sound as a surfboard shaper/designer.

"My experiences & knowledge allow me to design surfboards for any surfer and any conditions on the planet! I have worked alongside some of the world’s best shapers and shaped for some of the worlds best surfers!

I love surfing and I love surfboards! It’s my passion! So if your coming in from a surf beat up, frustrated and unfulfilled, you need to question your equipment! Give me a call, check out my models and let’s get you on the right board for your ability and the conditions you surf. "

Surfing is so important for our emotional, physical, and psychological balance. Your surfboard is the key component to this! The right surfboard and a good day of surfing will change your life!

David Barr